Top 11 companies in the Healthcare Robotics Market by IMIR Market Research

Published Date : 2023-Apr-05

Healthcare Robotics Market Top Key player analysis: Accuray Incorporated., Capsa Healthcare, LLC, Hocoma, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Intuitive Surgical, Inc., Titan Medical, Inc., Aurora Biomed Inc., Abbott, Omnicell, Inc., Hoffmann-La, Roche AG, Stryker Corporation and More

According to a comprehensive study by Intellectual Market Insights Research, the global Healthcare Robotics Market size was valued at USD 8.49 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 35.69 Billion by 2028.

Healthcare Robotics Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by Product Type, by End User, Global Economy Insights, Regional Outlook, Growth Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2023 - 2031. Growing at a CAGR of 21.62% from 2021 to 2028

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  1. Rehabilitation Robotics

Founded: 1994

Headquarters: Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong


About Us: Rehabilitation Robotics is a field of research dedicated to understanding and augmenting rehabilitation through the application of robotic devices. Rehabilitation robotics includes development of robotic devices tailored for assisting different sensorimotor functions (e.g., arm, hand, leg, ankle), development of different schemes of assisting therapeutic training, and assessment of sensorimotor performance (ability to move) of patient; here, robots are used mainly as therapy aids instead of assistive devices. Rehabilitation using robotics is generally well tolerated by patients, and has been found to be an effective adjunct to therapy in individuals with motor impairments, especially due to stroke.

Company's revenue for 2022 was listed at $1.0 Billion and company had nearly 1,000 employees.


  1. Hansen Medical

Founded: 2002

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, U.S.        


About Us: Hansen Medical, Inc, designs and manufactures medical robotics for positioning and control of catheter-based technologies that was founded by Frederic Moll, M.D. to develop tools that manipulate catheters by combining robotic technology and computerized movement.

Company's revenue for 2022 was listed at $1.33 Billion and company had nearly 1,500 employees.


  1. Ekso Bionics

Founded: 2005

Headquarters: San Rafael, California, United States           


About Us: Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. is a company that develops and manufactures powered exoskeleton bionic devices that can be strapped on as wearable robots to enhance the strength, mobility, and endurance of industrial workers and people experiencing paralysis and mobility issues after a brain injury, stroke, or spinal cord injury. These robots have a variety of applications in the medical, military, industrial, and consumer markets. It enables individuals with any amount of lower extremity weakness, including those who are paralyzed, to stand up and walk.

Terumo's revenue for 2022 was listed at $13.0 Million and company had nearly 500 employees.


  1. Accuray

Founded: 1992

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, United States


About Us: Accuray is a radiation therapy company that develops, manufactures, and sells radiation therapy systems to deliver treatments including stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). It is the developer of innovative technologies, the CyberKnife and TomoTherapy platforms, including the Radixact System, the latest generation TomoTherapy platform.

The platforms are installed in leading healthcare centres in approximately 50 countries globally. Terumo's revenue for 2022 was listed at $407.5 Million and company had nearly 2,500 employees.


  1. Becton, Dickinson, and Company

Founded: 1897

Headquarters: Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, United States


About Us: Becton, Dickinson, and Company, also known as BD, is an American multinational medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems, and reagents. BD also provides consulting and analytics services in certain geographies.

BD’s revenue for 2022 was listed at of $20.248 Billion and company had nearly 75,000 employees.


  1. Intuitive Surgical

Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, U.S.     


About Us: Intuitive Surgical, Inc. is an American corporation that develops, manufactures, and markets robotic products designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients through minimally invasive surgery, most notably with the da Vinci Surgical System. The company is part of the NASDAQ-100 and S&P 500.

Company's revenue for 2022 was listed at $6.22 Billion and company had nearly 13,000 employees.


  1. Hocoma

Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Volketswil, Switzerland


About Us: Hocoma is the global leader of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy. Proudly founded, manufactured, and engineered in Volketswil, Zurich, Hocoma is part of the DIH family of companies advancing medical technologies around the world.

For 20 years, Hocoma has been the world leader in pioneering the field of robotic rehabilitation: robots that are now in more than 70 countries, in the top rehabilitation hospitals and clinics - and that have impacted millions of lives globally.

Hocoma's revenue for 2022 was listed at $21.4 Million and company had nearly 1,000+ employees.


  1. Mazor Robotics

Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Caesarea, Israel

About Us: Mazor Robotics was an Israeli medical robotics laboratory company and manufacturer of a robotic guidance system for spine surgery that was acquired by Medtronic. Surgeons that utilized Mazor Robotics Renaissance generally specialize in orthopedic surgery or neurosurgery.


  1. Medtronic

Founded: 1949

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland & Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


About Us: Medtronic plc is an American medical device company. The company's operational and executive headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its legal headquarters are in Ireland due to its acquisition of Irish-based Covidien in 2015. While it primarily operates in the United States. It develops and manufactures healthcare technologies and therapies.

It operates in more than 150 countries employs over 90,000 people in worldwide and revenue for 2022 was listed at $31.69 Billion.


  1. Siemens Healthineers

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Erlangen, Germany


About Us: Siemens Healthineers (formerly Siemens Healthcare, Siemens Medical Solutions, and Siemens Medical Systems) is a German medical device company. It is the parent company for several medical technology companies. The company. Siemens Healthineers is 75% owned by Siemens. The name Siemens Medical Solutions was adopted in 2001, and the change to Siemens Healthcare was made in 2008. In 2015, Siemens named Bernd Montag as its new global CEO. In May 2016, the business operations of Siemens Healthcare were rebranded "Siemens Healthineers."

Globally, the companies owned by Siemens Healthineers have 65,000 employees and company's revenue for 2020 was listed at €14.46 Billion.


  1. Stryker Corporation

Founded: 1941

Headquarters: Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States


About Us: Stryker Corporation is an American multinational medical technologies corporation based in United States. Stryker's products include implants used in joint replacement and trauma surgeries; surgical equipment and surgical navigation systems; endoscopic and communications systems; patient handling and emergency medical equipment; neurosurgical, neurovascular and spinal devices; as well as other medical device products used in a variety of medical specialties.

Company's revenue for 2022 was listed at $17.108Billion and company had nearly 46,000 employees.


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